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Are you a starting entrepreneur and/or young designer and do you want to learn how to successfully market and offer your products to retailers? The step from designing and presenting at (graduation) exhibitions and design events to successfully presenting and exhibiting at trade shows is a big one.

There is a lot involved in being well prepared to present your work at a trade fair. How do you set the price of your product? How do you communicate your presence at a trade show?How does it work with purchase orders? What is the power of exhibiting freqently in a trade fair?

Trade Show howUP, design scout Wisse Trooster and design studio mo man tai have joined forces and launch showUP college!

By participating in the showUP college you will be prepared to successfully market your product.Together with invited experts from the field, we prepare you to participate in trade fairs.

In Masterclasses you will learn, among other things, which products and which price range are attractive for retailers to purchase and what role packaging plays. Experienced buyers will also explain how they assess new labels and collections. The participants then have six months to add a product to their collection that meets these criteria.

The college is divided into 3 blocks. In each block you will follow an on-site masterclass led by experts and there will be a feedback session via a video call. Each block ends with a presentation at showUP, the first two presentations are collective, the third and final presentation is individual with its own stand.After completing the course, you will be able to successfully manage the sales of your product or collection.


September 1 - Kick off during showUP in Den Bosch.
October 3 - Masterclass 1
1st week of December - Feedback session, preparing first collective participation.
Feb 2-3, 2025 - collective participation at showUP in Expo Greater Amsterdam.

March 6 - Masterclass 2
1st week of June - Feedback, reflection and preparing second participation.
Aug 31-Sept 1, 2025 - collective participation at showUP in Den Bosch.

November 27 - Masterclass 3
1st week of January - Feedback, reflection and preparing third participation.
Feb 1-2, 2026 - individual participation at showUP in Expo Greater Amsterdam.


showUP College is looking for ten starters who have completed a design course, have been working independently for a maximum of 5 years and who would like to enter the B2B market.

The program is divided into three terms. The registration fee is €650.00 per trems, which includes presentations at showUPr. Registering for the college means that you follow the entire program.

If you are interested in participating in showUP College, please apply before July 31 via the link below. After application, we will send you more information about the selection procedure and what information we need from you for this. In addition to the quality of your work, we also look at how the work of the participants combines in the collective presentation.


If you would like to know more or have questions about the program, please email



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